New Products and Services

1.Water wells and pumps systems
The water industry is changing. Now you have a choice. You can choose the type of well casing one uses to construct your well. You can choose steel or pvc water well casing. You can also choose what diameter that would best fit your requirements 4", 5", or 6" wells. You also have a choice of styles and diameters of pumping systems. You also can choose a mock rock,, many sizes and colors available to cover your water well.
Grundfos pumps has designed a 3" stainless steel submersible pump that can be used in all size wells. Groundfos also produces a constant pressure pump that requires no holding tank, and won't lose pressure when another faucet is open. To find out more information go to
Our experience has shown that steel well casing corrodes and flakes off over time, which settles to the bottom of wells, and minerals (iron) precipitates out of water which coats your well and pump system. Sometimes iron precipitates out so much that it will slow or shut off your water vein. With our hydroflush well cleaning process, we can clean and sterilize your water well to original condition and videotape your well to show you if well casing needs a well liner. If a well liner is required, we install 4" PVC well casing sealing off all of the steel well casing and if necessary, problem water veins. This will never rust through and your well will stay cleaner for a better quality water. This process saves the homeowner the cost of a new well.
Allegheny Mountain Water Systems (AMWS) has recently acquired a specially designed drilling machine to construct non-corroding PVC water wells. No more rusty well casing and wells will last forever. AMWS is committed to design and construct ones water system for providing years of trouble free service. We design and construct water wells, pumping systems, and water treatment systems to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your family. AMWS is a licensed professional, certified water specialist and insured.
Always hire a state licensed, certified professional!!!! Call Jeff Ford

Water Testing and Treatment

Water testing and water treatment systems has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Kits for water testing can now be bought by individuals to test their own water for minerals, bacteria, nitrates and lead. Choices for bacteria destruction include U.V. or chlorination. Ozone injection or Oxygen injection for iron and sulfur removal as compared to chemical injection or chlorination systems. Salt free water softeners (for hardness removal) as compared to standard salt regeneration systems. Filter housing systems (for multiple filters) including washable filters, media filled filters, and back washable filter systems give homeowners more options.
Reverse osmosis systems have also had great changes. R.Os have larger gallons per day, higher pressure, for multiple faucets. There are also whole house R.O. systems.
With so many choices one needs to consult a licensed and certified water professional. With over 35 years experience, Allegheny Mountain Water Systems designs and installs their own water treatment systems that work for our areas water problems. Our web site is updated yearly with information, pictures, and new products.
AMWS in committed to design chemical free, water treatment systems for healthy, safe, great tasting water. Our experience will help one make and informed decision on investion into proper water treatment systems.
Always hire a state licensed, certified professional!!!! Call Jeff Ford


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